1) N-COUNT An event is something that happens, especially when it is unusual or important. You can use events to describe all the things that are happening in a particular situation.

...the events of Black Wednesday.

...in the wake of recent events in Europe...

A new book by Grass is always an event.

2) N-COUNT: usu with supp An event is a planned and organized occasion, for example a social gathering or a sports match.

The cross-country section of the three-day event was held here yesterday.

...major sporting events.

...our programme of lectures and social events.

3) N-COUNT An event is one of the races or competitions that are part of an organized occasion such as a sports meeting.

A solo piper opens Aberdeen Highland Games at 10am and the main events start at 1pm.

4) PHRASE You use in the event of, in the event that, and in that event when you are talking about a possible future situation, especially when you are planning what to do if it occurs.

The bank has agreed to give an immediate refund in the unlikely event of an error being made...

In the event that any part of the deal may be blocked, the rest would go ahead.

5) PHRASE: PHR with cl You say in any event after you have been discussing a situation, in order to indicate that what you are saying is true or possible, in spite of anything that has happened or may happen.

In any event, the bowling alley restaurant proved quite acceptable.

6) PHRASE: PHR with cl You say in the event after you have been discussing what could have happened in a particular situation, in order to indicate that you are now describing what actually did happen. [BRIT]

`Don't underestimate us', Norman Willis warned last year. There was, in the event, little danger of that.

English dictionary. 2008.


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